Are You Confused About What to Choose – Real Leather or Vegan Leather?

There is much debate as what to choose – genuine leather or vegan leather? With animal cruelty in question, you know very clearly that there is no ethical way to make real leather. There are alternative options. However, not all alternative is devoid of flaws. There are always pros and cons. You can compare the factors and decide what suits you the best.

The vegan leather that you know of is generally made up of plastic based materials and is not at all eco-friendly as they produce toxins when manufactured or burnt and are not easily degradable. Try to buy a vegan backpack or handbag only after seeing what the company claims about the material. For instance, Marsi Bond claims their product to be both fashionable and eco-friendly.

Now look at the various factors that you should consider before deciding on the material to use –


Effects of Material Used

  • Materials used for vegan leather are –
  1. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC): Use of this material is reduced considerably as it emits toxic gas when burnt and can be dangerous even when in an enclosed area.
  2. Polyurethane (PU): This is also a plastic based material made from fossil fuel. It releases harmful toxins when manufactured. Although efforts are given to reduce the problems of using this material.
  3. Eco-friendly material: This is an innovation that uses plant-based technology to produce natural material as a base to the vegan leather. Though its less in number, materials like cork, pineapple leaves, kelp, apple peels, soy and so on are used to create vegan leather.

vegan backpack

  • As you know, genuine leather is made from animal skin. To make it exclusive and luxurious, animals are specifically killed for their skin like – crocodiles, alligator, snakes and lizard, zebra, and ostrich. Many establish their own farm to meet the demand of leather production. Animal agriculture has major impact on the earth’s resources and global climate change.


Price of leather is always greater than vegan leather. Although its expensive real leather has long durability. If you are short on budget, you can go for a range of products in faux leather. They come in many colors and variation. Now many companies manufacture high quality faux leather and make it available at affordable price.


Genuine leather product can stay usable for decades if proper care is taken. However, durability of faux leather is very less in comparison to real leather.


Taking care of faux leather is much easier than real leather. Faux leather is generally waterproof and dust resistance. You can just wipe the surface with water and mild soap solution with a clean cloth if necessary. Brands like Marsi Bond even provide removable inner lining which can be washed separately.

Product Flexibility

The range of faux leather that can be customized is vast – whether it is shade of color, size, shape or design. It is much easier to work with. Whereas, real leather shows less variation in terms of shades or colors and also cannot produce uniform shade.

After considering these factors, it would be fairly easy for you to choose between vegan leather and real leather.

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