Why Does CBD Treat Anxiety But Cause Paranoia In People


CBD products are everywhere. You can find them in oils, vapes, peanut butter, gummies, chocolates, energy bars, etc. It’s therapeutic action, is the reason behind its popularity. In some people, CBD shows contradictory effects.

Where in some people it cures anxiety, in others it is helpful in the treatment of paranoia. There are several factors responsible for it. In this article, we will learn more about the cause of this occurrence in detail.

What is the reason for CBD to show the dual effect?

Not everyone reacts to CBD in the same way. That is the reason in some people it works as an anxiety treatment, and in others, it can cause paranoia. The way a person reacts to CBD depends on various factors.

  • The type of CBD product used
  • The distinctive genetics, and biology
  • The nature of anxiety, and intensity of CBD
  • The ratio of THC/CBD dose

These factors will help you determine whether your anxiety levels are induced by THC or due to the presence of any other external stressors.

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Cannabidiol is a remarkable anxiety-fighting compound that works in trace amounts in several varieties of cannabis. There has been seen an increase in high-CBD products and strains. CBD is not a psychoactive compound like THC and so doesn’t cause the obvious euphoria that you experience with THC consumption.

Cannabidiol softens the euphoria induced by THC that can make people acting weird and crazy. Where THC is responsible to cause paranoia, CBD can diminish it and enhance the painkilling attribute of THC.

With a 1 to1 ratio of THC and CBD, CBD products are seen to offer milder impact than THC-dominant strains. It causes no racing heart and provides only calmness. You don’t feel any heavy headed feeling also with its consumption.

People who took CBD along with THC in this proportion noticed that they experienced clear-headed feeling and were able to deal with demanding tasks effectively. They also found that in just twenty minutes of consumption, their anxiety disappeared.

Ways to get maximum benefits from CBD

  • Always go to a reputed store to buy CBD Products
  • Check the label carefully to learn about the purity of its composition, and ingredients
  • Consume it in right amounts, and strength as per the doctor’s recommendation
  • Consume it regularly


People who take THC dominant products tend to face paranoia. However, when these products are balanced with equal ratios of CBD, then it helps in curing their anxiety to a significant extent. Thus, CBD is an effective antidote for anxiety.

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